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MTG Body Fit Gel Sheet (2 Sheets)

SKU: 14DHV-1894-4895

MTG Body Fit Gel Sheet (2 Sheets) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Made for SIXPAD Body Fit 2 and Body Fit, our Body Fit Gel Sheets are highly conductive to ensure the even distribution of electricity for maximum impact in hard-to-reach areas of your body.

What are Body Fit Gel Sheets?

SIXPAD Gel Sheets are specially designed for use with SIXPAD Body Fit 2 and Body Fit. These highly conductive pads seamlessly transfer our patented 20Hz CMM pulse™ electrical signals from the EMS device into your body.

Why are Body Fit Gel Sheets needed?

Without SIXPAD Gel Sheets, the distribution of electrical signals from Body Fit 2 and Body Fit into the body will be less even – giving inconsistent or suboptimal results. For the best possible experience using Body Fit 2 and Body Fit, and the results to go with it, we recommend using our EMS devices exclusively with SIXPAD gel pads.

How to apply Body Fit Gel Sheets

Peel off the backing of each pad and carefully apply each to your Body Fit 2 or Body Fit systems. Smooth them out once applied to make sure no air bubbles have formed along the way, and you’re done.